Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

2019 Schedule




Congratulations to the Selected Films and Filmmakers !


Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival is proud to announce that this

year  we have 67 films and two scripts from around  the world.

Congratulations to our Screenplay winners

Short Film Script

         A Single Line 19 Pages (Ireland)

      by Martin Curran

Feature Film Script

        The Steagles 120 Pages (USA)*

    by Jeanie Clark


2019 Festival Winners

Best Feature Film       Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime

Best Short Film           Tuesday Crowd

Best Documentary     From Liberty to Captivity

Best Music Video       Lover's Leap

Best Experimental     These 3 Waters

Best Animation          The Spirit Seam

Best Performance      VINCENT D'ONOFRIO   (IT'S A MESS )          



Friday June 21, 2019

Friday 6:30pm

Opening Ceremonies

Presentation of “Official Selection” Plaques, And All winning awards

will be presented at this time. It is suggested that you attend.

Friday 7:30 pm

From Liberty to Captivity (02:12 USA)

by Debbie Wright

Feature Documentary

Reception Filmmakers Mix and Mingle



                                              Saturday June 22. 2019

Saturday 10:00 am

American Tragedy (1:20:00 USA)

Dir. Josh Sabey

Feature Documentary

Saturday 11:25

Line in the Street - (51:54 USA)

Dir. Robert Millman

Feature Documentary

Bunkheads (11 min USA)

Dir. Lauren Klixbull


Saturday 12:30

Lover's Leap (7:13 USA)

Dir. Jonathan Zuck

Music Video

Mania (18 min USA)

Dir. Justin Cirulli

Narrative Short

Seventeen (6 min USA)

Dir. Eliza Kuhn

Narrative Short

First Disco (18:00 Ireland)

Dir. Helen O’Reilly

Narrative Short

Dads! (31:00 USA)

Dir. Larry Thomas and David Castro

Narrative Short

Saturday 2 pm

Background Music (5:00 USA)*

Dir. Gregory Kasunich

Music Video

The Cookie Table (11:00 USA)*

Dir. Melissa Martin

Narrative Short

SEVEN (10:42 United Kingdom)

Dir. James Morgan

Narrative Short

Five Stars (25 min  USA)

Dir.  Marvin Zana

Narrative Short

Cierra, No! (14:11 USA)*

Dir. Willie Neiswanger

Narrative Short

Missed (9 min 23 sec USA)

Dir. Fokke Baarssen

Narrative Short


Dir. Charles Herman-Wurmfeld


Saturday 3:30 pm

IT'S A MESS (29:40 USA)

Dir.Frank Prinziin

Narrative Short

Push (9:53 USA)*

Dir.  Jason Boyer

Narrative Short

Songbird (17:00 USA)

Dir. Helen Baldwin

Narrative Short

My Son Thomas (7:15 Italy)

Dir. Alberto Santandrea


Tuesday Crowd (19:35 USA)

Dir. William Kioultzopoulos

Narrative Short

Geek Lounge_Going Solo (5:41 USA)

Dir. Larry Ziegelman


Saturday 5 pm

Shut Up, I´m on a Roll! (4:11 Netherlands)

Dir. Oscar Martin

Music Video

Short Calf Muscle (13:00 Amsterdam Netherlands

Dir.Victoria Warmerdam

Narrative Short

By Blood (19:57 France)

Dir.  Guillaume Enard and Jonathan Delerue

Narrative Short

OK Grey (8:57 USA) *

Dir. Benjamin Wilson and Garrett J. Langer

Narrative Short


Dir.Tammy Klembith

New Media Short

DΦSED (14:24 USA)

Dir. Zachary Leipert

Narrative Short

Sidewalk Angels (12:50 Brazil)

Dir. Paulo Miranda

Narrative Short

Saturday 6:20 pm

Right Before Your Eyes (1:16 USA)

Dir. David Vincent Bobb

Feature Narritive

Saturday 7:45 pm

okaasan (mom) (17:53 USA)*

Dir. Kana Hatakeyama

Narrative Short

Elevator Music (8:21 USA)*

Dir.  Joshua Cagan

Narrative Short

The Final Mission (18 min USA)

Dir. Winston James

Narrative Short

A Fresh Perspective (11:38 USA)

Dir. Aaron Hose

Documentary Short

First They Came (3 min USA)

Dir. Odessa Shlain Goldberg

Doucmentary Short

Saturday 8:35 pm

Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime (1 hr 41 min USA)

Dir. Jonathan Baker (AKA Bo D)

Feature Narrative


Sunday June 23,2019

Sunday 10 :30 am

Don't Fear The Healer(5:37 USA)

Dir. Sarah Hanner

Music Video

Shattered (2:31 USA)

Dir. Suyoung Jang


Lily (26:00 USA)

Dir. Adrienne Gruben

Documentary Short

Connected: The Joe Polish Story (1:05:55 USA)

Dir. Nick Nanton

Feature Documentary

Sunday 1:10pm

Anacronte (14:58 Argentina)

Dir.  Raúl Koler and Emiliano Sette


D.A.D. - Die Another Day (2:38 Italy)

Dir.Andrea Marcovicchio

Narrative Short

Living An Active Life Without Pain Medication - (4:33 USA)*

Dir. David Dobson

Documentary Short

Vietnam Aftermath (30:00 USA)

Dir. Tom Phillips

Documentary Short

Big Lies (38:58USA)

Dir. Igor Runov

Documentary Short

Sunday 2:45 pm

Sneak Preview

Wally Got Wasted

Feature Narrative

Sunday 4:15 pm

Mama Bear (13:19 USA)

Dir. Matt Cohen

Narrative Short

The Spirit Seam ( 14:52 USA)

Dir. Ashley Gerst


The Truth Seeker (7 min 43 sec USA)       

Dir. Stephen Mastrocola

Narrative Short

A Mad Girl's Love Potion (3:08 USA)*

Dir. Katie Smith


Red Omen - Ed Roman (4:00 USA)*

Dir.Ed Roman and Nelson Diaz

Music Video

Lover's Leap (7:13 USA)

Dir.  Jonathan Zuck

Music Video

Smack Edd (6:59 United Kingdom)

Dir. Greg Hall

Narrative Short

Out of the Pills (14:24 USA)*

Dir. Casey McCracken

Documentary Short

NIB24 (4:50  Austria)

Dir. Jakob Kaiser

Documentary Short

LAE. - Plastic Hands (4:11 USA)

Dir. C J  Baker

Music Video

Sunday 5:45 pm

Odyssey (3:18 USA)

Dir. Serge Delpierre

Narrative Short

These 3 Waters (4:15 USA)

Dir. Amhalise Morgan


Enlightenment (5:45 USA)

Dir.  Tommy Hallal

Narrative Short

Breathe (4:50 USA)

Dir. Darren Fitch

Narrative Short

The Unforgettable Augustus Post (33:20 USA)

Dir. Jason Cohn and Camile Servan-Schreiber

Documentary Short

MOTEL (27min USA)

Dir. Eric Ogdenin

Narrative Short

Sunday 8:pm

Meant to be Broken (1:30:00USA)

Dir. Jonathan Zuck

Feature Narritive

* Denotes Pittsburgh Filmmaker either from Pittsburgh  or currently living in Pittsburgh.

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