Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival


Congratulations to the Selected Films and Filmmakers !


Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival is proud to announce that this year  we have 63 films from around the world.

Friday June 20, 2014

Friday 6:30pm

Opening Ceremonies

Presentation of “Official Selection” Plaques, And All winning awards will be presented at this time. It is suggested that you attend.

Awards will be presented for the following categories:

Best Feature Narrative

Winner: A bit of of Bad Luck

Best Feature Documentary

Winner: The Vetters

Best of PA Short Narrative

Winner: DOT

Best Short Documentary

Winner: The Pie Lady of Pie Town

Best Actor

Winner: Cary Elways  (A Bit of Bad Luck)

Best Actress

Winner: Katie Hyde (Mount Joy)

Best Music Video

Winner: I love you...But

Best Webasode

Winner: Triangle

Best Animation

Winner: Sidewalk

Friday 6:30pm

Opening Ceremonies:

All awards will be presented to filmmakers.

Friday 8:pm

I Love You...But (5m, U S A)

dir. by Thomas Zoeschg

Music Video

…………….The following 2 Films are not in competition……………… 

Parole Officers (27m U.S.A)

Dir. Adam Ward

Narrative Short

Malory & Nicole (22m, U S A)

Dir. Adam Ward and Ronald Quigley

Narrative Short

Reception and Filmmakers Mix and Mingle

Saturday 10:00am

Strings Of Colors (11m, India)

dir. by Sharan Mohanadoss

Documentary Short

Hey, Coach: The Sideline Story (14m, U S A)

dir. by Chad Barnard

Documentary Short

Rose, Mary and Time (38m, United Kingdom)

dir. by Hardeep Giani

Narrative Short


dir. by Leland Douglas

Narrative Short

Saturday 11:10am

Mirage (9m, U S A)

dir. by Iker Maidagan


Wagonmasters (19m, U S A)

sub. by Sam Smartt

Documentary Short

The No Name Painting Association (23m, China, U S A)

dir. by Joe Griffin

Documentary Short

Living Canvas (7m, U S A)

dir. by Ronnie Cramer

Documentary Short

Pie Lady of Pie Town (34m, U S A)

dir. by Jane Rosemont

Documentary Short

Saturday 12:50pm

35 Seconds of Sweetness (3m, U S A)

dir. by Sojin Jenny Park, Jae Kyung Ahn


Sidewalk (4m, U S A)

dir. by Celia Bullwinkel


Into the Dark (14m, U S A)

dir. by Lukas Hassel

Narrative Short

C.T.R.L (3m, United Kingdom)

dir. by Mariana Conde

New Media Short

Triangle (13m, U S A)

dir. by Milton Walker


Crucivixen (5m, U S A)

dir. by Holly Siders

Music Video

The Heebie-Jeebies (9m, U S A)

dir. by Todd Slawsby

Narrative Short

The Boy and The Bus (23m, United Kingdom)

dir. by Simon Pitts

Narrative Short

Saturday 2:05pm

Moving Out (5m, U S A)

dir. by Sean McCarthy

Music Video

The Toothfairy (4m, U S A)

dir. by Rachael Sonnenberg

Narrative Short

DOOR GOD (23m, China)

dir. by Yulin Liu

Narrative Short

A Stitch in Time (for $9.99) (12m, U S A)

dir. by Mu Sun

Narrative Short

The Lachrymist (25m, U S A)

dir. by Matthew Gowan

Narrative Short

Winter Shower (14m, U S A)


Narrative Short

Sheltered Love (10m, U S A)

dir. by Alex Italics

Narrative Short


dir. by Simon Beckman

Narrative Short

Saturday 4:00 pm

I Am a Visitor in Your World (82m, U S A)

dir. by Miguel Silveira

Feature Documentary

Saturday 5:35pm

The Vetters: All We Needed (67m, U S A)

sub. by Anne Bruder on 2013-09-30 11:33

Feature Documentary

Saturday 6:45pm

Jimmy Loves Juice (5m, U S A)

dir. by David Yee


Crisálida (8m, Cuba)

dir. by Alejandro Enmanuel Alonso Estrella, ,

Documentary Short

Organized Criminal (14m, U S A)

dir. by Geo Santini

Narrative Short

SINS (18m, U S A)

dir. by Ev Wolff

Narrative Short

EFFED! (19m, U S A)

dir. by Renny Maslow

Narrative Short

Hiding Places (15m, Australia)

dir. by Darren Vukasinovic

Narrative Short

Saturday 8:10pm

A Bit of Bad Luck (85m, U S A)

dir. by John Fuhrman

Feature film

An Absolute Right? ( 29:44, U S A )

dir. by Alex Sol

Documentary Short

Sunday 10am

Discovering Raku (9m, U S A)

dir. by Curtis Pollock

Documentary Short

Uncovering Collagraphy (4m, U S A)

dir. by Curtis Pollock

Documentary Short

Sunday 10:15 am

Something of Love: A Tribute to Roger Amm (29m, U S A)

dir. by Kane Farabaugh

Documentary Short

Park 51 (21m, U S A)

dir. by Christopher Capelluto

Narrative Short

Sunday 11:05am

City of Hate: Dallas and the Assassination (57m, U S A)

dir. by Quin Mathews

Feature Documentary

                                                      “Made in Pennsylvania”

The Following 14 films were all made in Pennsylvania.  Some were made right here in Pittsburgh!

Sunday 12pm

Henry Hornbostel: In Architecture and Legacy (59m, U S A)

dir. by Mark Fallone

Feature Documentary

Community Starts at Home (7m, U S A)

dir. by Benjamin Kanes

Documentary Short

Apple Castle: Right to the Core (15m, U S A)

dir. by Anthony Humes

Documentary Short

The Long Good-bye (6m, U S A)

dir. by Mary Vollero

Documentary Short

Sunday 1:45pm

The Umbrella Man (93m, U S A)

dir. by Michael Grasso

Feature Narrative

Sunday 3:20pm

Summer Hatch (29m, U S A)

dir. by Ryan Haggerty

Narrative Short

Sunday 3:50 pm

Dot (30m, U S A)

dir. by Garrett Kennell, David Light

Narrative Short

Meet Your Maker (26m, U S A)

dir. by Justin Francart

Narrative Short

Sunday 5:00pm

Mount Joy (86m, U S A)

dir. by Jack Lewars

Feature Narrative

Sunday 6:30

A Most Gracious Guest (5m, U S A)

dir. by Nathan Mirizio

Narrative Short

Pitchfork (14m, U S A)

sub. by Ryan Wood on 2013-11-02 17:40

Narrative Short

LOAD (10m, U S A)

dir. by Paul-Anthony Navarro

Narrative Short

The Urban Jungle (28m, U S A)

dir. by Jack Donda

Narrative Short

Internet Famous (22m, U.S.A)

dir. By  Thomas Williams


End of Made in Pennsylvania

Sunday 8:10pm

Bothered (5m, U S A)

dir. by Christina Skyles


When He Comes Home (3m, U S A)

dir. by Ben Phillippo

Music Video

Playing with the Devil (7m, U S A)

dir. by Nick Stentzel

Narrative Short

The Hero Pose (12m, U S A)

dir. by Mischa Jakupcak

Narrative Short

The Man Who Stole The Moon (21m, USA)

dir. by Jerry McGonigle, Chip Hitchcock

Narrative Short

The Queen of the Jubilee (11m, United Kingdom, Netherlands)

dir. by Martin de Lange

Narrative Short


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